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*Results may vary and are not typical of every individual. Cody Sperber is a real estate investing expert who has bought and sold thousands of properties. Cody Sperber's real estate success is not typical. Most people who attend this free event do not apply the strategies, techniques and systems and therefore make little to no money. The students above are NOT paid for their stories, however they have invested in optional training materials and support programs offered by Clever Investor. Any income or earnings depicted are not to be intrepted as common, typical, expected or normal. The particular result may be exceptional and the variables that impact results are so numerous and sometimes uncontrollable that we make no guarantees as to your income or earninngs of any kind. Your success is not guaranteed and will be based on your effort, determination, education, and market conditions. In fact you can lose money in real estate like any other investment. Students featured above do sign an affidavit stating what they represent is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. However, Clever Investor can not verify with complete accuracy their statements. Your reliance on them is at your own risk.